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Here is a list of a few of our favorite outings in the area:

POrtland headlight

Fort Williams Park has a lot to offer! Explore multiple fortresses and hike the short but very scenic cliff walk. Find a way to the beach. Have a picnic. Fly a kite. Pick apples in the fall. Go sledding in the winter. This is one big playground!


Breakwater hopping on huge boulders to get to this lighthouse. Beautiful views in every direction. Take a left to check out a pretty cool marina (has a restaurant). Or take a right, climb the fortress walls and proceed through the coolest community college campus to reach a nice sandy Willard Beach. Swimming at high tide.

peaks island

An awesome island to go explore on foot, bike or by renting a golf cart. The ferry leaves Commercial Street in Portland every 30-60 minutes. It's only like $7-8 round trip. The island is about 5 miles to go around. Biking is the way to go and they rent them out there. You can also rent a golf cart. There are many beaches to enjoy, as well as a huge fortress called Battery Steel. You'll need a flashlight, fearlessness and some dexterity to enter. There are seasonal restaurants to eat at or there is always downtown Portland.

Macworth island

A beautiful spot to go for a hike, run, or to explore, any time of the year. You drive there over a bridge. Parking is limited and there is a small fee. Swimming is definitely an option. Awesome beaches. Incredible views of Portland and boats and islands. Fairy village – perfect for kids or adults. Pet cemetery. Mushroom foraging. An easy level walk. Kid friendly.

back cove / East End beach / downtown

two lights sp / kettle cove / crescent beach

Shaw park

Sebago lake

biddeford pool

freeport / wolf's neck sp / bradbury MTN

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