Sorry the video links do not currently work!

All of my videos have been permanently removed thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Multiple offices from both Washington, DC and London, UK have contacted me that these videos online cause them possible losses in revenue and copyright infringements. I don't believe that a group of local dancers performing for their families is of any threat -- you can actually stream any of these songs on YouTube and download them anytime -- however, my hosting services got shut down permanently. Complete nonsense! 


I will keep producing the videos of your amazing little (and bigger) ones and beat the system!

In the meantime, bring me your USB sticks or I can sell you one with all the videos you want for a friendly price! I'm going to work on an online streaming system in the meantime that lets you watch your child's dance performance without the $250,000 fine for the videographer. 


Feel free to email me any tips or suggestion!

Happy Holidays! :)

2017-06-17 Spring Show 19:30 performance

2017-06-17 Spring Show Matinee

2016-12-17 Holiday Show


2016-05-07 Imaginarium Part 1

2016-05-07 Imaginarium Part 2

2016-10-31 Halloween

2015-12-12 Nutcracker

2015-10-24 Halloween

2015-05-01 Magical Moments

2014-12-13 Nutcracker

2014-10-25 Thrills and Chills