Full length wedding videos

Sorry the video links do not currently work!

All of my videos have been permanently removed thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Multiple offices from both Washington, DC and London, UK have contacted me that these videos online cause them possible losses in revenue and copyright infringements. I don't believe that a local wedding video is of any threat -- you can actually stream any of these songs on YouTube and download them anytime -- however, my hosting services got shut down permanently. Complete nonsense! 


I will keep producing the videos and beat the system! I'm going to work on an online streaming system in the meantime without the $250,000 fine for the videographer. 


Feel free to email me any suggestions or questions!

Happy Holidays! :)

2015.08.29 Wedding of Angela & Tom, Portland, Maine

"Omg you are amazing! I love it!" - Angela

Katie & Cam August 1st, 2015 Sunday River Wedding, Newry, Maine

"Cam and I finally found a quiet night just the two of us to watch our wedding video and we LOVED it!  You did an amazing job capturing our day, it was so fun to see the parts we were not there for or parts we had missed!   I am so happy that I met you back at Sarah's wedding and you were able to do my wedding as well!  Thank you so much.  If you ever need anything in the future please le me know!  Happy Holidays!" - Katie

Linai & Dustin 06.20.2015 Wedding, Millinocket, ME

"Thank you so much! I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how much we loved our video! I did a wonderful job! We can't wait to show everyone :)." - Linai

Ravi & Kristin, 09.20.2014 Auburn, ME

Sarah & Brendan, 08.23.2014 Chandler House, ME